A is for ‘Angels’: Have You Experienced Angelic Communication?

The loving presence of the Angels is all around us. Since I was a child I have felt comforted by their unseen presence; the feeling that even when I was alone, I was never truly alone. I became aware that the feeling I was experiencing was the resonance of the Angels when I was 13 or 14 years old.

Seven years would pass before I saw an Angel.

The first time I saw an Angel was a life changing experience for me.  I was 22 years old and I was a mess – probably at the lowest ebb of my life.  I had struggled to get used to living an adult life and I was making a lot of unwise choices.  I had come through an abusive relationship in my late teens and was still suffering.  I had come dangerously close to harming myself through partying, drinking and dabbling in drugs.  I was working two jobs, both of which wanted more and more of me day by day, and I had moved house several times in my young adult life.  I had suffered through meningitis the previous year and I was drained.  Despite all this, a part of me continued to grow spiritually.  I was conducting spiritual and Angel readings, workshops and demonstrations 5 or 6 nights a week which I loved as I felt fulfilled and happy when helping others in this way, teaching them about Angels.  I felt that my ‘earth self’ who partied hard and worked hard and wanted more, and my ‘spiritual self’ who loved everyone and talked with Angels, were two different girls- I was fragmented and confused.  I didn’t understand at the time that my need to fill my personal life with a constant buzz: money, relationships, excitement and things and people I could get addicted to was my ego’s way of trying to get me ‘high’ spiritually outside of my self-designated spiritual work. (With thanks to Doreen Virtue PhD for our chat in which she helped me to grasp this).  My ego was trying to recreate the happiness I felt specifically when I was doing spiritual work, in my daily life, through what I now know are damaging, unfulfilling and temporary highs.

It was at this time that this confused and polarized young woman was saved by an Angel.

My mum, who is also a spiritual teacher (you can find out all about her here) and I had been invited to teach a workshop on Angel Therapy at a spiritual and holistic fair near our hometown.  There were other speakers attending who all had their own spiritual gifts and experiences to share.  The fair was quiet, with not many attendees, which meant that my Mum and I didn’t do many readings, but, being positive thinkers, we saw that as a blessing, as an opportunity to see some of the other speakers before our workshop.  On the program of speakers, I felt drawn to one name in particular: ‘Punit Yaatri’- BrainHeartMusic.  So at 1pm Mum and I went along to Punit’s talk and demonstration, unsure what to expect and ready to be enlightened.  There were several other people there, and we joined the seated circle.  Punit told us that we were going to listen to a piece of music and he asked us to close our eyes.  As soon as the beautiful music started I had the overwhelming urge to take a very deep breath and exhale.  As I did, I began to slip under into a meditative state.  I could still hear my ego mind whirring away: processing and panicking about all my problems, but somewhere else within me, or maybe around me, I began to feel enveloped in what I can only describe as the real-truth-love-energy.  I felt someone begin approach me from behind me, at my right shoulder.  I knew within that this ‘someone’ was an entity who had nothing but love for me.  I felt a hand on my shoulder.  It was the most sincere and Imageloving touch, so much so that every bit of fear that I had stored up inside myself just evacuated.  Then the being, to whom the hand on my shoulder belonged, bent down (for he was very tall) and said in my ear, with a voice in tones that could only be Angelic, ‘It’s ok, friend.  We are here for you.  We know.’ and I began to cry.  I cried for all the the damage I had caused myself.  I cried because I had been cruel and unloving to myself.  I cried because I knew then that the Angels had seen it all: my struggles, my mistakes, my longing to be fulfilled and all the wrong roads I’d taken to get there.  The Angels had never left my side, not for a moment.  And there was no judgment.  Only love.  As the Angel began to move away, I caught a glimpse of him.  He was very tall and made of a fabric that was both substance and light.  He was not separated from the world, my mind or me, his light body was a part of all of it, and all of it was a part of him.

As the tears began to subside and the music came to an end, I began to be aware of the room around me, for in this experience, there had been no room, I was miles away into the Universal Consciousness.  When I opened my eyes I felt completely different.  I felt brave.  I felt empowered where I had previously felt extremely lost and troubled.  I saw how easily I could change, where previously I had felt trapped.  It was a miracle – it was an Angel.

Punit and I have been friends now for many years.  I believe that his music truly does resonate on the same vibration as the Angels, and it was through that beautiful vibration that I was able to finally meet the Angel who had been working quietly, patiently and lovingly with me the whole time.  So Punit, if you’re reading this, thank you my friend, you truly are a vessel for the music of the Universal Love. (You can hear the track called ‘Home’ from the album ‘S.T.A.R’ that facilitated my experience, and find out all about Punit and BrainHeartMusic here).

So Angels are pretty awesome right?  Of course they are with you when you say, ‘thank you Angels…’ or ‘please help me Angels…’ but please know that you Angels walk beside you and amongst you at times when you’re busy doing other stuff too, when you’re not even thinking about them.

So now I am going to make a very humble and much too brief attempt at explaining to you ‘who’ and ‘what’ Angels are.  I’m also going to give you some tips on how to invite your Angels to make their presence known in your life, and how you can connect with the Angels that are guiding you right now.

When I speak about the Angels, I use words such as ‘energy’, ‘resonance’ and ‘vibration’.  That is because these are words that also describe light, and it is my belief that Angels are literally made of light plus love plus consciousness.  So, just as the spectrum of light moves from before ultra violet to after infrared, so each Angel resonates and exists on the light frequency that matches their energetic composition.  The way the Angels have explained it to me is this:

God is a bright, pure white light.  Love is the prism through which the light is directed.  The Angels are the different prism_t_32kcolours of the spectrum (both seen and unseen) that are produced as a result.

So, what happens when you ask your Angels for help is that your ask also has a ‘frequency’ which matches the resonance of an Angel on the spectrum, thus, the Angel who best matches your need is drawn to you with their light.  It is their light that they bestow upon you, infused with their love, that helps and heals you.  This creates a natural hierarchy in the Angelic realm, not dictated by one being more or less powerful than another, but organised through the Angel’s ability to heal based on their light resonance.

The Angels have explained this hierarchy to me, which begins at the centre of the visible spectrum of light (at yellow) and works outwards in both directions, if you can imagine.  Here is the hierarchy:

Our loved ones in Spirit:  When we pass away, we can choose to remain ‘light bodies’, assisting planet earth, all her inhabitants, and our loved ones who are still on their journey through the earth life.  Love is what makes this possible.  This is the reason that mediumship in its many forms, healing, and spirit phenomena occur.  Animals’ light bodies also exist here.  Human spirit people who choose to remain in an Angelic role are at the bottom of the Angelic hierarchy, simply because they have lived earthly human lives.

Your Guardian Angels/Spirit Guides:  These are people whose souls have advanced to such an extent that they vibrate on an Angelic resonance.  The dimension they work from is not ours but they can link to us through love and often speak to us and guide us through our intuition or ‘gut feelings’.

The Archangels: There are Archangels that resonate on every light frequency.  Archangel Michael is blue, Archangel Gabriel is violet, Archangel Raphael is green, Archangel Raziel is yellow, Archangel Jophiel is pink, Archangel Chamuel is orange and so forth.  Each colour resonates with a different aspect of human experience, so when you are in need, the corresponding Archangel to the colour of that ‘need’ directs their energy towards lovingly healing your experience.  Archangels, being made of light, are everywhere at once.  They are immesurably powerful and they really want to help you.  All you have to do is ask.

Spirit/God/The Universe: The source from which all things flow and from which all things are created.  The pinnacle of the hierarchy.  The White Light.

We can interact will all levels of the Angelic hierarchy.  All love us, all want to be of assistance.  So to experience the Angels in your life, all you have to do is make them a part of your life.  Ask them and thank them for their help.  Meditate on their love and their light.  Write to them in a journal.  Ask them for evidence.  Consult them when making decisions.  Get to know them.  Take their advice which often speaks through your intuition.  Let yourself be loved by them and demonstrate that by loving yourself.  Pray.  Laugh and say ‘thank you’ when they give you an amazing sign that they are listening. Image Work on allowing them to walk with you.  Be strong in your beliefs and if your ego isn’t co-operating, just ask the Angels to help you quiet your ego. Read about them (I recommend Doreen Virtue and Kyle Gray’s ‘Angel Whisperer’).  Learn about them.  Wear your favourite colour and know that in doing so, you are asking an Angel to guide you.  Let them be there for you, not just when you are up, but when you are down.  When you are at a dark and low ebb (hey, it happens!).  If you are in a dark place, that is when their light will really shine for you, as it did for me.

Thank you for allowing me to share my Angelic experiences with you.  There is so much more I could say about the Angels, so many more stories I could tell.  Perhaps I will in a later post.  I would love to hear about some of the experiences you have had with Angels. Also, if you have any questions about Angels, please feel free to ask!

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Until next time.  May you always have an Angel by your side…

Next Week: B is for ‘Belief’.



7 thoughts on “A is for ‘Angels’: Have You Experienced Angelic Communication?

    1. writerlauren Post author

      Hi Mia, thanks for saying so- I’m so glad you enjoyed it. Your blog is coming along really well too, you are a beautiful writer, keep up the good work! xx

  1. Gina Mackay

    Hi Lauren, Loved reading this and would like to share my experience of Angels with you.
    Firstly, I was out walking a family members dog one evening, it was very dark and the dog ran off ( found out it ran back to own house) I was feeling scared and headed back home without the dog. As I entered my house, I walked past the kitchen, and standing there in large form from floor to ceiling was an angel, all white and glowing but with no face.
    At that moment in my life, I was scared and ran a mile!!!
    As I now sit in circle as you know, my next encounter was awesome!!!
    I sat watching tv at the time, when a rainbow of light was bouncing of the fireplace and was blinding me in the one eye, I had no clue what this was at that time but the colours were amazing!! The light eventually left me and moved to the back of the house were the dogs lay and they must have seen it as they started moving around frantically!
    I now often see white or blue light and know the Angels are around me.
    I feel so very blessed to be able to see this.

    1. writerlauren Post author

      Hi Gina, thanks so much for sharing your beautiful experiences. If you see blue light it is usually Archangel Michael’s resonance, who is the Angel of protection, truth and clarity. He’s a good all-rounder and very powerful. Sounds like you have the big-boys looking after you from the Angelic realm! Call upon them to assist you with your confidence i your spiritual development. xx

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