J is for ‘Joy’. (Six unexpected reasons why finding joy is a necessity and not a luxury.)

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The irony about finding joy is that you will often find it when you stop searching for it. We often (mistakenly) search for joy in activities such as earning more and more money for no reason, or stressing about planning our future happiness. Although it seems a good idea to try to make sure that our future is joyful, do not underestimate the power of just kicking back and allowing a moment of joy right here, right now.

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So anyway, back to joy. Joy is a necessity and here’s why:

1. Joy is good for your health!

A little burst of joy on a regular basis supports your long-term health. Happy hormones that are released when you experience joy do wonders for your immune system, stress levels, the rate at which you age, your cardio-respiratory health and your mental and emotional health. Make time, every day, to do something that makes you joyful. Savour the feeling and allow yourself the experience without guilt. In my opinion, doctors the world over should be prescribing bouts of joy for a long and healthy life.

2. When you allow yourself to experience joy, it is an act of appreciation for your life.

Sometimes we forget to appreciate our lives. My boyfriend will tell you that I love a good moan about stuff. It’s true…I catch myself doing it…but then I stop and remember how fortunate I am to be alive and to have so many wonderful people in my life, and so many fantastic opportunities, and I go about my day with renewed joy. You may sometimes feel that you don’t deserve joy. You may have feelings of regret, guilt or shame which have caused you to forget that there is any such thing as joy. If this sounds like you, then you may have to force yourself to make a conscious effort to re-connect with joy, and that effort, may involve a lot of changes. You ARE worth the effort. To be happy and content is your natural state, and is the state in which you will thrive – it’s worth putting the effort in to get there. You have overcome unbelievable odds to be sitting where you are, reading this blog, having food in your tummy and air in your lungs. Can you set off on your ‘joy journey’ by feeling a flicker of joy in simply being alive?

3. A joyful experience encourages more joy into your life.

Ah, the good old Law of Attraction. Like attracts like. The Universe responds to you by reflecting your reality based on who you are inside. If you are unhappy, the Universe can only reflect reasons for you to be unhappy. The good news is that the only thing that stands between you and joy are your thoughts. Think deliberately about joy, behave in a joyful way, treat others in a way that makes them joyful, and the Universe will reflect joy right back at you. It must.

4. Joy is contagious: Your joy encourages good feelings in others.

When you smile at someone, they compulsively smile back. It’s an inbuilt response. When we exchange smiles, we can identify allies, friends, and a potential mate. All you have to do is smile and you bring comfort, re-assurance, ease and joy to others. The feelings that we choose to experience are contagious. Those who are closest to us cannot help but be infected by our moods. When you choose joy for yourself, you also bring joy to your loved ones. No true act of joy is ever a selfish act.

5. Joyfulness is the needle of your internal compass.

Imagine if life were as simple as this:

If it brings you joy, do it. If it doesn’t bring you joy, don’t do it.

Well guess what? Life can be as simple as this. In fact, you may already be using joy as your internal compass without realizing it! The joy of some things are hidden so think carefully:

Is there something in your life that’s difficult, stressful or challenging, but you keep doing it anyway? Can you find joy somewhere in the process?

If the answer is yes, then great! You’re following your joy. If the answer is no, then do you think you would be more joyful if you stopped doing that thing? If the answer is yes, then give yourself permission to stop doing it.

Let the compass of joy guide you always down a road of happiness, and let the compass of fear be trampled under-foot…because it dropped out of your pocket…and you didn’t notice…because you were too busy looking at your compass of joy!

6. When you allow yourself to be joyful, you are teaching your children to be joyful too.

Do you have young people in your life? When you express joy, you teach them to live a joyful life. If you live without joy, then you teach them that it’s ok to live a joyless life – and I know you don’t want them taking that message into adulthood. ‘Do as I say and not as I do’ doesn’t fly anymore I’m afraid, so if you want the kids to know joy, you have to show them how it’s done.

This post is dedicated to my friend Joy Fraser, who truly is Joy by name, Joy by nature. Please visit her website Peace, Harmony and Joy where she also writes a wonderful blog.

Until Next Time: Do I really need to say it? Get out there and be joyful!

Next Week: J is for ‘Jobs’: (How to work in spirituality, or, bring spirituality into work.)

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11 thoughts on “J is for ‘Joy’. (Six unexpected reasons why finding joy is a necessity and not a luxury.)

  1. Lights of Clarity

    My heart is filled with joy by my two miracle boys. Suffering from an illness for so many years undiagnosed, I was finally able to carry two boys to term. The beautiful blessings I have are a constant reminder of the power of their loving energy, which only further enhances my own energy of positive white light. Being on my spiritual path could not have been better timing as they are young enough to gain a more open and lifted understanding of this journey we are all on with our angels who guide and protect us.

    1. writerlauren Post author

      Hi Mia,

      Thank you so much for sharing your joy with us. Children are an absolute blessing to the world, and especially the ones that have been prayed for. I’m sure that you and your children have much spiritual knowledge to share together. xx

  2. rachelmiller1511

    I feel joy when I connect with the wonderful people in my spiritual development group. They are all on their own journeys, which may be challenging, but I love witnessing their wisdom and special gifts. Sharing our sense of humour brings great joy too, as well as finding a place where I can really, truly be my true sensitive-self.

    Lovely post- thank you.

    1. writerlauren Post author

      Hi Rachel,

      Thank you for sharing your joy. Working with Spirit and a likeminded group of individuals is a wonderful feeling. You write like you really appreciate the uniqueness of others and to be able to do so is a gift in itself. xx

  3. One-in-Mind

    Buddhism makes my heart fill with joy! It has taught me the value of life. Being able to transform my emotional and karmic self is beyond words…albeit a long task. I have absolute joy to even have my life. A choice in itself, that brings me joy I could be happy with forever. Thanks for the prompt to think about this pertinent question. xx

  4. Joyce Hendry

    Joy is something I had in abundance but lately I’ve lost but am eager to be reunited with again xx

    1. writerlauren Post author

      Hi Joyce, thank you for your comment. I know the feeling when life gets difficult and you wonder if you’ll ever feel happy again. Having said that, no one can feel joyful ALL the time (we do have a wide spectrum of human emotions, after all) and some good advice I got is to lovingly accept your emotions as they are. Say in your mind ‘Sadness, I lovingly accept you. Grief, I lovingly accept you. Loss, I lovingly accept you. By doing so, you release yourself from the struggle to ‘feel better’, thus allowing joy to return to your life naturally, without feeling that you have to go fighting for it. I hope that makes sense, and I hope that you feel uplifted soon. XXX

  5. Joy Fraser

    Joyce, Wherever you live check out groups such as meetup and surround yourself with positive, happy people. I am sure you will then find joy coming back into your life.

    1. writerlauren Post author

      Hi Joy, that’s good advice. I hope that you are getting on well with your two puppies Willow and Merlin. I know that they have brought a lot of joy into your life. xx

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