N is for ‘News’: 7 Feel-good Current Affairs You Won’t See on Prime Time News.

Man, the news is so depressing. Sure, it’s important to keep up with the goings-on of the world, but if you believed the news to be a true respresentation of the world, you’d be forgiven for thinking we live in hell.

But we don’t live in hell. There are good, great, and just plain awesome things going on out there everyday. Good news has the potential to spread quickly, with the help of our friend The Internet. Do your bit to be the harbinger of happiness and pass a good news story around today. I’m sure you know a few people who could benefit from a bit of good news, right?

Want to do more to spread happy tidings? Link or write good news stories from around the web in the comments section of this post so that others may be inspired and uplifted by them.

I hope you enjoy ‘7 feel-good current affairs you won’t see on prime time news’. Share your thoughts in a comment!

USA’s Governmental Shutdown Results in the Extraordinary Kindness of the General Public.

The North American Government may have bickered amongst itself to the extent that it forgot about its people: but the people have certainly not forgotten about each other. The USA’s govermental shut-down (due to a disagreement over spending and budgets) has resulted in newly-unemployed people rallying round to help each other in an attempt to sustain some of the country’s most important services, and maintain its proudest landmarks. Out-of-work individuals have been volunteering in all manner of ways: from mowing the lawn at the Lincoln Memorial, to working at educational facilites, allowing them to remain open for the benefit of the children.

Right, just get this finished, then it's on to painting the fence!

Right, just get this finished, then it’s on to painting the fence!

Even some big name companies have been mucking in, offering free food and drink to those who have been sent home from work. This sense of community is wonderful to see, especially because it shows that the seed has been planted in the minds and hearts of the American people that they can survive without their government. Perhaps this will allow the American people to reach the realization that they are more powerful and resilient than their Overlords would have them believe.

Peru’s Government Gives Solar Power to its Poorest People, Free of Charge.

Two million of Peru’s poorest people will be provided with electricity for the first time, thanks to a $200 million initiative by the Peru’s Government. The electricity will be generated by solar panels atop residences. The equipment and power will be provided free of charge.

These lovely sun slabs will change lives.

These lovely sun slabs will change lives.

The initiative is expected to be complete in 2016, and the project’s target is to have 95% of households in Peru using electricity, compared to 66% at present. The solar panels will free up cash for poor families who are still using expensive oil-based fuel products that are harmful to health when burned.

A Medication has Been Developed that Prevents HIV from Integrating with Human DNA.

‘The Point of No Return’ is the name given to the time at which the HIV virus inserts itself into the human genome by its evil enzyme called HIV integrase. Researchers at University of Georgia have created a medication which dropkicks the Human Immunodeficiency Virus, pummels it, then puts it in a chokehold, preventing it from integrating into the host’s DNA. This is the crucial point when, if the disturbing critter successfully sets up camp, it cannot be reversed.

You shall not pass!!!

You shall not pass!!!

The medication is now in its pre-clinical test phase and is expected to work to alleviate and prevent HIV both as a single illness, and where the HIV virus is compounded with others such as tuberculosis. Humans 1 – Viruses Nil.

Huge Underground Aquefiers Have Been Discovered in North Kenya.

With funding from Japan, UNESCO and Radar Technologies discovered five huge underground aquefiers in Turkana County, Kenya. The discovery of the abundant water supply has potential life-changing ramifications for the area’s residents. The water supply may help to alleviate problems such as crop failure and malnutrition and may be suitable to use as fresh, clean drinking water.

kenya, water, woman, aquefiers, drink

Everyone deserves clean water to drink.

Out of a population of roughly 41 million people, 17 million Kenyans lack access to safe drinking water and 28 million are without adequate sanitation. It is hoped that good old H2O will be the driving force towards a richer and more prosperous future for Turkana County and North Kenya as a whole.

Incredible Story of Forgiveness to be Made into Blockbuster Movie Starring Colin Firth.

In 1942, Mr Eric Lomax was up to his eyeballs in war. Working as Signals Officer in Singapore, he was arrested and transported to Kanchanaburi prison in Thailand for the grand crime of cobbling together an old busted radio and drawing a picture of some trees. The Japanese suspected that he was a spy and selected ‘horrific torture’ as the most suitable means to get a confession. He had his arms and ribs broken and suffered water-boarding – amongst other things that would make most of us just cry and die. His torture was carried out by several Japanese soldiers, but the hateful mug he saw consistently was that of Takashi Nagase, the translator who witnessed it all, passing on taunts, threats and promises that Eric would be killed. But Eric endured, basically telling the Japanese soldiers to shove a false confession where the dun don’t shine…which was the only thing that saved his life. Eric returned home suffering from PTSD and thought of nothing but revenge for many years. He sweated and stewed about it, fantasizing about wringing his torturer’s neck like a turkey the day before thanksgiving. The desire to know what happened whilst he was being hideously tormented led Eric on a gargantuan research mission, and through it, he found out that Nagase was still alive. Eric hunted down his torturer, hungry for sweet vengeance. When Nagase’s location was discovered, Eric’s wife wrote to him, and by the use of some intense magic, managed to convince Nagase to meet her husband, so that he could finally move on from his horrendous ordeal. Takashi Nagase agreed.

It had been 50 years since Eric was released from torment, when he came face-to-face with the man who had watched and participated in his near-demise. This was Eric’s chance to at least punch Nagase in the kidney for what he’d done…

But when he finally came face to face with Takashi Nagase, he saw a man who was as fragile and devastated by war as Eric himself. Nagase broke down into a sobbing mess when he saw Eric, bowing deeply, uttering the words, ‘I am so very, very sorry’. Suddenly, Eric felt pretty bad for the guy, and decided that instead of whooping some Japanese Pensioner Ass, he would just open the fattest jar of forgiveness you’ve ever seen in your life.

If there’s one man who has the right to say, ‘At some time, the hating has to stop,’ it’s Eric Lomax, who managed to forgive his torturer, hug him and hold his hand whilst he cried like a baby. Through forgiveness, the two men went on to become good pals for several years. Eric wrote an award winning book about his ordeal entitled The Railway Man, and filming begins in 2013 for the film of the same name, with Colin Firth to play Eric Lomax. Eric Lomax, the absolute legend,  passed away in 2012 with a heart full of forgiveness, at the age of 93.

Kenyan Orphanage receives $80,000 in Donations from Strangers in Response to Bravery of Warden.

A Kenyan orphanage was attacked by a gang of thugs. The kids inside had nothing to protect them except a rickety old fence…and one badass warden. The posse of unsavoury characters had previously attempted to rob the orphanage of its stuff and its kids, but 24 year old Anthony Omari channelled his inner Thor and fended off the gang with the help of an airborne hammer. When the gang returned for vengeance, the children of the orphanage woke up and began to come outside to see what the infernal racket was all about. Omari herded them back into the room and barricaded them in. He was so hell-bent on protecting the children that he did not flinch even when one of the vengeful plebs came at him with a machete. Such was his desire to protect the kids that he literally took a machete blow to the face and still would not let the swarm in. So they left, presumably because they thought Omari must be some sort of wizard to take a facial cleaving and still be standing. Days later, Penn State student Ben Harwick, who was on placement in Kenya, heard about Omari’s bravery and wanted to meet him. Ben took a photo of Omari…

The bravery of one man inspired the generosity of thousands.

The bravery of one man inspired the generosity of thousands.

…and posted it, along with the story on reddit. Little did they know that Omari’s Thor-like wizardry would inspire so many. Donations poured in from all over the world, raising upwards of $80,000 to beef up the security of the orphanage. The money was spent on building an 8 foot steel fence, hiring guards, and making improvements to the orphanage’s thug deterrents. The act of vengeance by armed robbers resulted in the orphanage being turned into an impenetrable fortress. And all it took was a machete to the face: easy money.

You Can Build Your Own Home from Scratch, Get off the Grid, and Leave the Banks Behind.

If you are a young person who is struggling to get on the property ladder, you’re not alone. The lending drought has been pushing people towards ever more inventive ways of housing themselves that don’t involve the backing of satan’s minions…ahem…I mean banks, or thieves…ahem…sorry, power companies. At The Hollies Centre for Practical Sustainability in Ireland, you can build and kit-out a home for under £1000. As a student, you live in Ulrike and Thomas Riedmuller’s ‘cob’ home whilst you learn to build your own. You are taught how to make bricks from hay and clay, and how to power your hand-built home economically and with the environment in mind. Your new house will have a composting toilet, a super energy-efficient wood burning stove, and a refrigeration room provided by the outdoor climes. Learn to build your own house here:

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