You have an inquisitive mind. You are intuitive. You are in touch with the real reality. You want to better yourself. You know the power of kindness. You oscillate between rationality and imagination. You enjoy feeling perplexed. You believe that science and spirituality are one-in-the-same. You practice living with love instead of fear. You have struggled and yet you laugh. You have lived and you have lost. You are glad to have more questions than answers…and From Angels to Zen is your blog.

From Angels to Zen is a place where you can discover new ideas, think about the BIG questions, learn personal and spiritual development techniques, and share your own knowledge, questions, stories and experiences.

Whether you are interested in angels, the Law of Attraction, life coaching, love, meditation, mediumship, the paranormal, personal growth, science or spirituality, you will find information herein that will nourish your soul and challenge your mind.

Each post on From Angels to Zen is inspired by a letter of the alphabet. Posts consist in: Advice and coaching, factual and opinion pieces, writing, pictures, videos and podcasts. Look out for very special guest writers and interviews too!


My name is Lauren; I am founder and author of From Angels to Zen. I’d like to thank you for joining our community, which I established to provide a resource for anyone interested in psychic, medium, angels, spiritual, philosophy, lauren, laurenmedium, angellassiescience, self-help and spirituality, and the ways in which these concepts overlap. My aim is to create a blog that makes you go ‘wow!’ One that engages with with the beauty, complexity and mystery that is life. I aim to give you curious content featuring interesting subjects, presented in an enlightening, inspiring and illuminating way.

I am a life-long psychic medium, and my passion is to help others discover their own power through love. I have worked professionally as a psychic medium, intuitive coach and teacher from the age of sixteen, and I am blessed to have worked all over the UK and abroad. I have written for Psi Review, Silent Voices magazine and The Fifth Element magazine, and my work has been featured on international radio.

I am a final-year student of literature and philosophy at University of Glasgow, who is working towards a Ph. D in philosophy (Consciousness Studies).

Thank you for your interest in From Angels to Zen, it is yours to enjoy. I hope that you will comment, debate, discuss and question what you read here in a way that enriches your soul and challenges your mind.

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  1. joseasanoj

    hi Lauren,Thank you for visiting my humble blog page. You have a wonderful and very informative information here. If you get the time, kindly read my book “My Day Out With An Angel”
    Peace & Love, Sanoj

  2. CultFit

    I can’t begin to thank you enough for stopping over and following my humble blog-o-thing! I wish you the very best, not only today but well into the future. Be inspired and please take care.


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