Bring to Light



Thursday 28th August

Bring to Light: Chocolate & Clairvoyance happens one week today! I am so excited to see it come to fruition as it has been a journey of both creativity and commitment – I can’t wait to share the results with you, I know it’s going to be a great evening.

Since I’ll be demonstrating mediumship for you, I thought you may be interested to know how a young woman from a wee town in Scotland came to be involved in proving that consciousness is eternal, and that our love, our memories, our ‘selves’ live on.

So in this video, I talk about my first experience with mediumship – have you ever had an experience like this?

There are only a few tickets left for Bring to Light. You can get yours by clicking this link:


Wednesday 27th August 2014

I have worked as a psychic medium, spiritual coach, dream analyst, speaker, teacher and entertainer for many years. I have had the pleasure of speaking at events so successful as to rival the Oscars…and I have pulled teeth in empty rooms and taught workshops to audiences of…one (yes, one whole person!)

I always knew that one day, I’d use my knowledge, experience, blood, sweat and tears (ew!) to create THE perfect evening of mind, body & spirit entertainment.

That day is today.

I’ve taken energy and mixed it with relaxation, added a dash of education and bucketloads of talent. A smidgen of curiosity and a spoonful of spirit. Cover with chocolate and what do you get?… Bring to Light.

I am so excited to launch Bring to Light which I know will be an enjoyable, educational and uplifting monthly evening out. Bring to Light will feature a different speaker, talking on a variety of topics, every month. You’ll be treated to their expertise, passions, talents and knowledge, before having your curiosity sated in our Q&A. I picked the most gorgeous, delicious, amazing venue I could think of: A working chocolate factory (!) where, after the show, you will be offered a free drink and handmade sweet treat – because I love ya!

Bring to Light launches on Thursday 4th September with: Chocolate & Clairvoyance.

My Mum and I will demonstrate psychic work and mediumship, giving you loving insight and evidence for the possibility of soul-to-soul communication. We will then answer your questions, and share our story as mother and daughter mediums.

Bring to Light takes place at No. 1 Chocolate Factory, 63 St George’s Road, Glasgow, from 7pm-9pm. Tickets cost ¬£11 and you can buy yours HERE

Please do subscribe to our Bring to Light Bulletin – I really want Bring to Light to be your community! And don’t worry if you’re not local to Glasgow – there will be plenty of online treats for all you beautiful, exotic, international subscribers!

All My Love,


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